1. Give it a watch, you’ll love it ;)


  2. Yisssss

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    those jerks at culinary school always called me a weanie but look at me now

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    kitten wiggles ears while eating

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    wasn’t expecting this

    but arent you glad it hapened



    oh my god

    I don’t know how I could live another day without seeing this

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    A fisherman and his mermaid wife.

    A little idea that I had that wouldn’t stop nagging me to draw it.

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  10. Demi Lovato mocking herself as Mitchie Torres

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    the idea of wearing jeans that are not skinny jeans terrifies me now i can’t remember what i used to do with all that extra space around my ankles 

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    what’s really sad is, we probably will never know: why quinn drew hearts around a caricature drawing of rachel; why rachel looks like someone just shot one of her dads when shes walking down the hallway and sees sam and quinn kiss; why rachel says she could understand finn cheating with quinn but not santana; im sure theres more but my heart and head hurts because i know we’ll never know

    Or why Quinn understood Finn cheating on her with anyone BUT Rachel; why Quinn would put her own feelings on the line to “test” Finn to see if he was still into Rachel, for Rachel’s benefit; why the only consistency in Quinn’s life is the fact that she lets Rachel and only Rachel see her when she’s vulnerable; why Quinn would secure a yearbook page that only Rachel wanted and why Rachel would know exactly the right corsage Quinn would love on prom night.

    If it were ANY other show, this would be a collection of beautiful foreshadowing.

    Or why Rachel didn’t mind when Quinn slapped her, and instead proceeded to tell her she was the prettiest girl she ever met. Or why Rachel asked Finn what it was like to kiss Quinn. Or Rachel’s constantly making references to how pretty Quinn is. Or why Quinn has been the only person besides Kurt on the show who has supported Rachel and was even allowing herself to settle for Finn while pushing Rachel towards her dreams and telling her that she didn’t belong in Lima Ohio.

    Or why the two times Finn stormed out, Rachel went after Quinn instead. Or why Quinn drew pornographic pictures of Rachel in the bathroom. Or why Quinn lights up whenever Rachel is singing, or looks so sad when she’s singing a song to Finn. Or why Quinn had to stare at the ceiling when Rachel was wearing her Britney outfit. Or why Quinn doesn’t blame Rachel for just giving away her biggest secret. Or why Rachel doesn’t hate Quinn after she’s bullied her so much.

    I’ll just be over here sobbing.

    Or why Quinn would give up the one thing she had always wanted -to be prom queen- in order to make Rachel win the title just so she would regain the confidence she had lost choking on her audition. Or why Rachel couldn’t stop thinking about Quinn after the accident. Or why Quinn ended up deciding to support Rachel even though she was against the wedding. Or why Rachel’s greatest accomplishment in her high school history would be to have become Quinn’s friends. Or why Quinn bought train tickets for Rachel in order to make sure that they didn’t lose touch. Or why Rachel made sure to talk Quinn out of making the biggest mistake of her life by telling everyone that Shelby had slept with Puck. Or why the first person that Quinn told her news of getting into Yale was Rachel. Or why Rachel saw right through Quinn’s facade and instead of pressuring her, told Quinn to go back to Glee only when she was ready. Or why Quinn couldn’t take her eyes off Rachel while she was singing Never Can Say Goodbye. Or why Rachel got mad at the Glee club because they were all ignoring the fact that Quinn was on a wheelchair. Or why Quinn was sure to reassure her that the accident wasn’t her fault. Or why Rachel had broke down crying after hearing Quinn say that. 

    Or why my heart aches and my stomach hurts and my everything just sobs whenever I think of Faberry and what could have been but never will.

    Or most importantly and unfortunately if Rachel was singing “Here’s To Us” to Finn and only Finn, and why it was so important for Quinn to know the answer.

    God. They have such an epic love.

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    this is the best visual representation of acid i have ever seen

    Holy fuck

    holy shti

    Whoa! This is crazy.

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